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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


What is it about Islands that is consistently good. Makes us wonder why it is that chain restaurants and fast food companies make the money they do. This is not she she fair, not even close. This is comfort food, California style.

When you want a good basic burger, and fries to die for, Islands is always what I crave. Funny enough, I'm not the one that eats the burgers there. I'm all into the soft tacos they serve, the Yaki to be exact...which are 3 soft tacos filled with teriyaki chicken, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. I always get their honey mustard dressing on the side. I love the way they taste the same everytime.

Ben is in love with the Maui Burger. He pretty much orders it regligiously. Of course, he has to have mayo for his fries too, freak. I know it's good but I can feel the pounds packing on my thighs when I eat fries in freaking mayo. Another thing I love about Islands is their neverending Passionfruit Tea. Mmmm. Delish on a hot California day.

A neat tip about Islands is that if they are packed on the weekends, you can normally sneak into their bar, and they offer a full menu there. We have done that at 7pm on a Friday or Saturday quite successfully.

There are several to choose from on the Westside....we prefer the one in the Marina because parking is ample, but probably frequent the one on Pico because it is most local to us. Enjoy!~


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