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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Kettle

The Kettle in Manhattan Beach is a California Landmark as far as I'm concerned. I have spent many a day there, hungover after a night of partying, or just a casual Sunday with friends, having lunch, brunch and the like. I love the Kettle for very specific reasons. One is that one of my very best dear friends and I used to hang there, and it is one of those sentimental spots....what did we eat you ask?

Fried Zucchini-with EXTRA ranch dressing. I mean BUCKETS of the dressing. It is by far in my tenure of eating ranch my all-time favorite ranch dressing anywhere, hands down. I think I eat the fried zucchini merely as a vehicle for eating the dressing. They are battered and crispy spears of zucchini. They top them off after frying with some grated parm. Deliciouso!~

After my fill of Zucchini (I always fight with Ben over these because they are my meal and he's getting a sandwhich normally)--I have to have the large cup of French Onion Soup. The Kettle is the place I was originally introduced to the indulgence that is French Onion Soup. Beefy, oniony, and CHEESY, the Kettle never ceases to impress my delicate sensibilities when it comes to the fine art of the onion soup. Even after graduating from Culinary school and making it myself and having it at several other higher end joints, I have to say the French Onion Soup at the Kettle is my all-time fave. Served with a giant slab of cheese bread, it is enough to fill the heartiest soup appetite. That and zucchini and Passionfruit tea, and I'm rolling out of this place.

Ben is pretty much addicited to both of the above. However he needs substance, he's only 22, and a MAN, so he has to have some PROTEIN. He loves Big Mamou's Chicken Sandwhich, and you can get it with fries or a small soup, so he gets his French Onion Soup that way.



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