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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cranberry Port Wine Reduction

Okay seriously Cranberry Port Wine Reduction is one of the most amazingly complex flavors I have ever experienced. It is part of a recipe that Ben and I did for a wine tasting at a wine shop in Minnesota a few years back. I would say that by far, this is the best meal I've ever had in my entire life.

Cardamom Crusted Caribou Tenderloin with Gingerbread, boniato squash puree, and Cranberry Port Wine Reduction. Unbelievable. Anyhow I made it last night with aged rib eye steak instead of caribou. I have never had aged beef before, and it is definitely a little gamey. Not something I could eat everyday, but not bad to say the least, and the texture was unbelievably soft and juicy. Delicious. By the way the steak I used was not Niman Ranch, although I used their site to show you what I was talking about. Their meat products are superior here in California. I love their bacon, and sausage, and blah blah blah they rock. Oh and their Corned Beef is outstanding.

Anyhow, to go with the aged rib eyes, I made the cranberry port wine reduction, and amazing Mashed Potatoes. Also, Whole Foods had this really awesome Irish butter, that was herbed. MMMMM. Anyhow we had that and some sauteed baby asparagus. That was a rich and delicious meal I'll tell you. No dessert required. We wound up going to the Coffee Bean for an Ultimate Ice Blended Mocha to finish things off. And Ben remembered that there was extra cookie dough at my mom's so we stopped off there for him.

All in all a very successful meal. I think we may track down caribou and make that for our family Xmas Holiday Party instead of Fondue. Either that or I'm thinking maybe Brunch. I can't decide yet.


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