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Friday, November 04, 2005

Salty like a chocolate chip cookie

Isn't it totally true, chocolate chip cookies with just that hint of saltiness are so delicious. I worked for a pastry chef that said that, and I totally knew what he meant without another thought.

Chocolate chip cookies are a preference thing, but also, an art. I hate to admit it but my favorites are actually from Martha Stewarts Comfort Foods cookbook. Not having it here yesterday, I went to her website and found a recipe for "chewy" chocolate chip cookies. They came out pretty darn good. Brought a bunch to my office today, we'll see what people think :) They were a hit with my dad and with Ben last night.

We took baby Bex to Ugo last night, a little Italian joint on Pico, across from the Westside Pavillion. Had to give her a taste of true pizza, since all she's used to is what mommy and daddy order, DOMINOES (GASP). And at 5 years, you probably don't know any different. But I swear, she ate caesar salad and pizza, and all this at about 9pm after already having dinner at home. She's something else. Everything was great and then of course we had to stop at Cold Stone, and she had some mint ice cream with oreos mixed in and ate almost ALL of it. You go girl.


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